Svalbard – Last Man’s Land

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11 October 2019
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17 May 2017

Svalbard – Last Man's Land

Spitsbergen is the largest island of Norway, located in the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Sea. It is the northernmost land, only about 1000 km from the North Pole. The nearest human settlement, Tromsø, lies on mainland Norway and is 1200 km away from the capital of Svalbard in a straight line! Glaciers occupy over 60% of the archipelago's area. It is also the seat of a polar bear. Its population is more massive than people living on the island. For a photographer specializing in the landscape - a real paradise on earth (for me, there are a lot of paradises for me) ;)

Pictures from this gallery won 1st place in the professional category Nature / Landscapes in Neutral Density Photography Awards 2017